November 21, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

. .he wept. ..Lk. 19:41

Martin Buber reminds us that a society that encourages the accumalation of things to do, things to look for, things to buy, to throw away etc–risks undervaluing and forgetting the goodness of the personal, heart to heart relationships. It is through relationships, through love that we are fulfilled.  Peace is not the absence of war or conflict it is the acceptance of one another with our differences, respect for one another with out differences where we can struggle together.  In our society–our push for money, and goods has brought discord, homelessness, fear.  As we approach Advent let us look into ourselves–and remove our selves from the busyness and turn to heart to heart relationships. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

VegInspiration Most of us resist being told we’ve been indoctrinated. After all, we live in the land of the free, and we like to think we’ve arrived freely at the belief that we need to eat animal products and that it’s natural and right to do so.

In fact, we have inherited this belief. We’ve been indoctrinated in the most deeply rooted and potent way possible, as vulnerable infants, yet because our culture denies the existence of indoctrination, the reality of the process is invisible, making it difficult for most of us to realize or admit the truth.

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