October 21, Luke 12:13-21  “Greed”

Luke’s parable promises liberation from the perpetual dissatisfaction that prevents us from finding happiness in what we have.  We can live happily when we take satisfaction in what we have.,  I see people who have absolutely nothing who are happy because in their inner lives they are satisfied, and fulfilled.  Greed is destructive to us spiritually because it separates us from our fellow human beings–our brothers and sisters. Only when we open our hearts and share with what we have, will all be physically be taken care of, and spiritually that would repair us by allowing us to be connected to our brothers and sisters.

The following quote speaks to us today:

The power to appreciate and to open the heart is indispensible to the awakening and the maintenance of the mystical appetite. But all the raptures they bring put together are not so effective as the icy chill of a disappointment in knowing that you alone, my God, are stable. It is through sorrow, and not through joy, that your Godhead gradually assumes, in our sentient faculty, the higher Reality in the nature of things. – Teilhard de Chardin, Writings in Times of War

(“. . . you alone, my God, are stable.”  Rest in the awareness of God’s abiding love and presence.)


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