October 19 Isacc Jorques and  John de  Brebauf, companions and Martyrs

St. Teres of the Little Flower said the first part of the 20th century “All times are dangerous times,” and they are.  Starvation strikes, homelessness–all are a part of our lives, and the words of Dorothy Day speak today: “We must live just live by faith, and the faith that God is good, that all times are in his hands, must be tried as though by fire.” We must live our lives with courage and with witness to the care of a loving God that will sustain us through life.  We need to take time to meditate in the midst of the noises and cries of our time.

Will Tuttle sums that up:

We can see that in general, the more a culture oppresses animals, the greater its inner agitation and numbness, and the more extroverted and dominating it tends to be. This is related to the scarcity of meditation in Western cultures, where people are uncomfortable with sitting still. Quiet, open contemplation would allow the repressed guilt and violence of the animal cruelty in meals to emerge to be healed and released. Instead, the very activities that would be most beneficial to people of our herding culture are the activities that are the most studiously avoided. We have become a culture that craves noise, distraction, busyness, and entertainment at all costs. This allows our eaten violence to remain buried, blocked, denied, and righteously projected.


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