This book touched my heart and enlivened my spirits. I live in the heart of the City, I work with people who have little hope, use drugs, and I find myself simply wearing out.  This book brought renewed hope.  It is a book of Bahson’s spiritual journey in find Jesus in the soil and in working with ecological farms.

Several nuggets I found in the book:
At Mepkin Abbey, one of the monks commented: “I see work as a very incarnational. Jesus became flesh, muscle, sinew. He put his body where the question was and then he walked the question….That is until away avails itself to the seeker. A way which becomes the Way, followed by a sudden and overwhelming desire to walk in it.”  In North Carolina he quotes Rosetta at the Lord’s Acre:  “Food nourishes people. It’s creating justice on all different levels. When people are fed, they are warm and relaxed. It’s how you reach people.” And like her I prefer feeding people to marching in protests.
I do a lot of hard, heavy cooking, I feed a lot of people a week, it is at the heart of the ministry that I do–to me it becomes the Eucharist to those I serve, and this is what Bahson is saying in the food produced by the soil Jesus becomes present. He calls us to get back to the land, to renew our environment through our actions., Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God! —

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