Mt. 20:1-16


“So will it be; the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Recently there was an article stating that people 40 or over are passed by for tech jobs–under 30 is the new age bracket–the reason–cheaper, no family, committment. In my work history I have been always chosen after others have turned the offers down–our Scripture says that God the landlord will be looking for people up to the final hour and God treats everyone equally–he/she does not go by efficient working, but by INCLUSIVE LOVING.


Today the Bradley Manning verdict will come in, and as I have followed his case I think of a young man, who is struggling with his sexuality, and all sorts of things really alone.  In the midst of all that he did what he thougbt what is right, and true.  Some have crticized him for recanting, hell I would never have done what he did, I am too big of a coward–no in the midst of his frailties I see a young man struggling with who he is, and has high idealism. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


VegInspiration From the outside, it may look like and be called “veganism,” but it is simply awareness and the expression of our sense of interconnectedness. It manifests naturally as inclusiveness and caring.

It’s no big deal, for it’s the normal functioning of our original nature, which unfailingly sees beings rather than things when it looks at our neighbors on this earth.

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