Josh. 24:1-13; Mt. 19:1-12 St. Stephen of Hungary


Cutting through the violence, the anger of the Old Testament one can hear the still small voice of God calling us to serve him.  In the Scripture from Joshua, the people are called to choose God or the “gods”. For me my faith in Jesus holds everything together, and opens me to new vistas. It is not about holding tight to tradition, but expanding, letting it grow.  When I was ordained to the ministry I became a “keeper of the mysteries,” the tradition of Jesus–that brings new life. This quote sums it up:

True progress is not found in breaking away from the old ways, but in abiding in the teaching of Christ and His Spirit in the Church. There is an apparent contradiction here, for how can we abide, and yet advance? It is a paradox, like much else in scripture; but Christian experience proves it true. Those make the best progress in religion who hold fast by the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and not those who drift away from their moorings, rudderless upon a sea of doubt. – Henry Barclay Swete (1835-1917), The Life of the World to Come

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