Mt. 16:13-19  Feast of Peter and Paul

This is Pride weekend–a million plus strong–will be celebrating at the Civic Center.  Marriages will be taking place for the first time legally.  I was home for a high school reunion in my small Missouri town three years ago–not much had changed–being queer was a “sin”.  I will not go back.  But it is was  a reminder to me of the millions through out the United States and the world who suffer immensely for being queer. We, in San Francisco, are a witness to being open, and seeing our queerness as simply a part of our humanity.  I think of my boyhood and early adult years in the ministry, being in the closet was destructive–how many times I thought of killing myself, the immense depression I suffered, the cruelty at the hands of my peers and mental health professionals. Today I live a life of openness, of being proud, not only of being queer–but of being a priest who can celebrate the redeeming presence of Jesus of Nazareth who walked with me through those years, and who walks with me still. The next two days I will wear clericals as a sign of Jesus and his openness and love.  I went to my first Pride in Minneapolis twenty years ago this month–and from there I moved out into my own acceptance, and moved out into being a priest who serves Jesus as a proud openly queer priest.  For being queer is who I am, it is a part of my genes, my very being, and has shaped me, and it was as a queer that God called me in my mother’s womb.  My prayer is now that ultimately I can live out the words of Paul:


“I’m already being poured out like a sacrifrice to God, and the time of my death is near.  I have fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith.. .2 Timothy 4:6-7ff

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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