What Say You?

Today’s Gospel: Lk. 13:1-9 Reteat Scriptures: Luke 7-10
I have been inToledo the past three days surrounded by upper middle class people–they have know idea of what poverty is like, they live in their enclaves, and do not venture much outside of them.  The question for me from today’s Gospel and from our retreat scriptures is what is Jesus saying to us about embracing the outcast. If we do not bear fruit–what are the results?
They are oblivious to the people on the street, and struggled with what I do. So the question for today is “What kinds of people do you consider “unclean” or “marginal?” Whom do you try to avoid? What would Jesus say about your relationships with these people?  Are you ever treated like an “outcast”?   Why does Jesus reach out to each one of us and embrace us?
Ponder these questions, write about them?

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