Ask and You Shall Receive

Mt. 7:7-12 “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, . .”
Reflection on John the Baptist: How am I called to be a prophet?  Gerald May wrote:
Love finds no steady home in psychological health. I am sure God wants us to be whole and healthy in every way possible, but love neitherdepends upon these things nor ends with them. In fact, blessings sometimes come through brokenness that could never come in any other way. – Gerald May, The Awakened Heart
(How have you been blessed in your brokenness? How has brokenness helped you to discover love in new ways?)
Take a few moments and breathe calmly, attentively, in and out. Focus on the Holy Spirit within you, enlivening you each moment, with each breath and center on your brokeness.
Only in my brokeness and the pain from that can I serve others, it is in my cracks, and their scars can I be receptive to others. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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