Mt. 1:18-25 We celebrate Christmas at the end of the year, when the days are shorter–and then we have the coming of the Unconqueroring Sun–in my ears of ministry I have had over 4000 funerals, and over 3000 have been younger then 30–its tough, very tough, and I am reminded of the words of Ilia Delio:

“In the cross therefore, we are taken up in the eternal embrace of the triune God of love. This embrace in love by the crucified Christ in which the arms of the triune God is is the meaning of the Eucharist. “The  Eucharist, Volf, writes,” is the ritual times in which we celebrate the divine, making space for us and inviting us in–having been embraced by God we must make space for others in ourselve and invite them in–even our enemies.”

Only when I invited my son’s killer in, did I find wholeness–healing, wholeness comes as we embrace our enemies with love. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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