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Living in the Presence

November 29, 2012

November 28, 2012

Luke 21:12-19  Thomas Merton wrote: “Those for whom the gospel is old, and old only, have killed it for everyone else. The life of the gospel is its newness. .” The Gospel changes, expands, adapts as we grow. When it stays stuck in the minds of people as a set pattern-it becomes destructive. In queer rights, women’s rights, racial rights–the gospel has evolved to show the embrace of Jesus, in those who use it otherwise it is destructive.  Let us not kill the gospel, but let it expand us in our journeys. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


November 27, 2012



James Cone talks of the lynching tree in the history of black people. He criticizes the white church for its indifference, and its taking part in the lynching of black people, and its support of racism or its indifference from liberal supporters. It is a book that brings home to me the same indictment today in both racism and homophobia.  The Church either actively takes part in its condemnation of queers or it is indifferent.  Elbert Hubbard describes the Church for the most part: “To avoid criticism–do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”  Cone brings home for me the cross as the redemptive act of Jesus, and our call to crucifixion for justice.  It is in the cross that we find life.  Racism is alive and well in our prison system, in the way white police treat black men, and homophobia is alive and well through out society and is killing people and we are called to take up our cross, and to be crucified until justice is brought forth.  Christianity is an opiate when it lulls us into our apathy, it is alive and well when we are called to justice, and called to the cross. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!



November 23, 2012

Lk. 19:45-48 The full text here is “My house shall be a house of prayer of all people.”  That is what Jesus was angry about–the money changers were not bothering the Jews==but the outsiders–for him his house is for all people. Yesterday was along day–cooking–and then serving. I have volunteers who often tell me how great it just be to have thankful and appreiciative people around-well lets see, one told me last night my food tasted like “shit”, another, that “you never fix anything I like”, for the most part they are thankful, and appreciative–I do this not for thanks but because I love God, and in loving God I love God’s fellow creatures, pure and simple, it is not about what I get in return.


Jesus Wept

November 22, 2012

Luke 19:41-44 “Jesus wept.” He cried over the city of Jerusalem–how people ignored what was important spiritually to the point of their own destruction. There are people lined up in front of stores all night waiting for the black Friday sales; There is war all over, disaster that we basically ignore in our own land.  This Thanksgiving I believe that the call of Jesus is for us to be thankful for life, and to share that thankfulness where it is needed–and to put people above money, above our own needs. My day is beginning, I am cooking two meals–one for Polk and the Haight. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

November 22, 2012

Lk. 19-11-28

Jesus was using this parable to illustrate a point–to the one who loves, more love will be possible, to the one who prays, more prayer is possible.  When people tell me they will help people when “they have time,”  “get more money”, and so on, I simply shrug my shoulders, for I have found you simply do it–and the rest will follow, and it is worth it to see a young guy hungry and with out socks, eat and smile, to see a young girl who has been ignored reach out and smile when I take time to talk.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


November 19, 2012

Luke 18:35-43

We are so precise and often times black and white these days. “Sight” in the aramaic is satuated with meanings–the ability to move unhesiatately in one’s life, participation in community, sight of truth, of the messianic kingdom already inaugurated.Last night I heard Justin Ryan tell of his coming out experience, like mine it was gradual,slowly, and painfully. We are evolving–Abraham Lincoln evolved in his views on emancipation, and we have been evolving ever sense.  If we are open to God, we are open to evolving-growing, receiving sight!

Title (optLife after Deathional)

November 18, 2012

Mk. 13:24-32

Death comes, tribulation come. Many years ago this was my last Sunday in my former denomination–within a week I would be removed, and banished because of my sexality–the end came–depression came, death came to my way of life–all relationships I had basically ended, but then came resurrection–through my years as sex worker, counselor, and now priest–God brought new life. I learned that there are new wine skins for the new wine, and that resurrection comes in the midst of death. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


November 17, 2012

Luke 18:1-8  Luke is encouragingf the persecuted community to keep faith. It is hard to keep faith in a time when the Church is basically voiceless, its leaders are out of touch.  For me faith comes down to Jesus–and my relationship that has sustained me through the years–only Jesus.  Last night was rainy and at midnight I got a call from a 19 year from Santa Cruz stranded in town who knew a friend of a friend of mine–I let him stay all night–that for me is faith–trust in the God who leads me. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

November 15, 2012

Lk. 17:20-25 . . . .”The reign of God is among you. . .”

Last Tuesday night I fed three hundred and fifty people of all ages. To me it is tragic–in this City of wealth and in this country of wealth to have people go homeless and without housing. “The reign of God is among us.”  Jesus is telling us that his reign is among us in the people we feed, we care for, we house, in the people we comfort, provide health care for, and bury.  When we walk by people and do not see them and provide for their needs–then we do not see Jesus. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!