Reap What You Sew

Luke 8:4-15 

Yesterday was the “Feast of St. Matthew”-=he left everything when Jesus called; and that is what the parable of the sower is about–we reap what we sew.  People have a hard time understanding why I live a life without much security–and the only answer I can give is that I chose to sew the seed of the Gospel.  I think of the way I live–yesterday i made a hospital call on a 23 year homeless kid, got kicked out of the hospital for using, last night; i did out reach last night; and spent the morning giving pastoral care to a friend; for me all of this is sacramental living–the means of grace comes in the moment, and for me living life in the way I do is simply growing up–accepting life with all of its pain, its insecurities, its fears, and its joys–and trusting in God.

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