Premium Rush

Premium Rush is a movie about a young man who graduated from law school, but chose to be a bike messenger.  His friends could not understand why. His reply was simply that “living a life of conformity was killing.”  I identified with this young man. People often asked me why I have chosen the life I have chosen. A life of financial uncertainty, criticism, and danger at times. Why I push the limits, and the boundaries of society.  And my answer is simply I want to be alive, to live life to its fullness, to have the premium rush out of life.

As I read the Gospels that is the call of the Gospel: Jesus told us to “to live life, and to live it abundantly,” and he lived his life in abundance with out worry about the material possessions we find so meaningful.

The past eighteen years of ministry has been my own journey of living life in its fullness, and letting go of those things that have meaning in our culture: material possessions, prestige, and living in the expectations of what others feel we should live, and in letting go of these I have sought to center my life on the living reality of the Risen Christ who has given me life abundant.  He has lead me into living the premium rush of life.

I have struggled letting go of material possessions, of trusting in Jesus for what I need, and I still struggle, but the more I let go, the more I live abundantly,knowing I will have what I basically will need;  I have struggle with letting go of seeking prestige and recognition–of simply being myself, of finding my recognition in the eyes of God, and knowing that is all I need. I have let go of the expectations of how I am expected to serve–the artificial boundaries we put around ourselves to protect us out of our own fear.  By letting go of that fear I have been able to enter into the lives of people of all races, all economic levels, and of all diversities and love them, serve them, and find God in them.

By living the premium rush I have found freedom, and have found the Risen Christ in that freedom.  There are no guarantees in this life, no promises–accept one–that the Risen One will walk with us, and that is enought. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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