Being the Eucharist

Mt. 22:1-14

Jesus compared the Kingdom of heaven to a wedding feast, and in the Eucharist everything we believe about God and Jesus and our life’s destiny is expressed in the form of a shared meal.  It is common knowledge that a meal prepared by someone who loves you is different from a meal prepared without love. Last night I prepared some sandwiches for two beaten down, homeless kids, and one of them kept profusely thanking me for being so decent to him; when I was in Sacramento I ran into a homeless kid and bought him a meal and birthday present and he was profoundly thankful.  It is how we approach people, and respect them that the Eucharist becomes a living reality–I simply gave them the little of what I had with love. I see people suffering on the streets each day, and in Sacramento the encampments on the river, people out of sight and out mind–rather then sharing we push them aside-again the Eucharist is real in the sharing of our love with others. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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