Past and Present

Mt. 7:6, 12-12-14

It is 3 in the morning.I have taken pictures down dating 15 years back for painting the room. In many ways I am beginning a new. But what is new. Pride seemed like it has the past 18 years, the people I serve come and go with the same problems, the same issues, the poltical situation remains basically the same. I have a young guy here for four weeks who has reminded me what is “generational” to the point I am about to throw up. Reading the Kings passage for today reminds me we continue to kill each other, powers continue to fight over power as they have since the beginning of time. I really like I do not have many good friends–all are facebook, email–no time to sit down.  That is what I have tried to teach for 18 years–that it is in the one on one that we find the Christ and love and fellowship–not in fucking texts, email, or facebook.  I often think I could die and no one would find me until they smelled me, and I hear that from people, I hear it on face book, it is people crying out for connection.  So for me there are five rules for happiness and contentment: 1. free our heart from hatred, free our mind from worries, give more and expect less. That is what I try to live by, but it is tought as hell.

One Response to “Past and Present”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    It’s easy to get discouraged—all the problems in the world are so huge and insurmountable. Yet, I’m reminded of a passage in the book about Jean Donovan where she mentioned an article she’d read in an issue of Maryknoll magazine—a missionary had expressed the belief that each one of us can help save the world if the world we’re talking about is quite small–maybe one or two people. We all possess the ability to make a difference but it would mean stepping outside our comfort zones and paying attention to what’s happening in our own corners of the world. We need to stop wasting so much of our precious time hiding behind the faceless and impersonal computer screens and go outside and connect with nature and creation and with each other instead of setting up barriers that keep us all apart.

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