Matt. 7:1-8 “. .Whatever you deal out will be dealt to you. .”

Yesterday was Pride. a feast day for the LGBTQ, population. In the midst of the crazy celebration there was much pain–not only for those here, but for those all over the world who suffer mightily. We are often deluded in San Francisco at the suffering out side of this enclave, we cover it up, we do not want to face it.  I had a young man call me from Palo Alto who wanted to commit suicide because he was gay, his parents are “Christian”.  I spent time with him.  Ultimately the way we treat people will be the way in which we are treated.  I have a young intern who uses the phrase, “my generation”, and my goal for him is for him to see that we all–regardless of generation should be have respect, and care, and love–rather then hide behind those terms of “my generation”, being gay, straight etc, black or white. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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