Health Care

Mk. 3:21-43

This morning at 5 I got a call from a young man who had a great amount of dental pain, and I took him to General where he will receive pain medication, and in a week or two get an appointment to have his teeth pulled;  Candy, 40 plus,died at General last week of pneumoia. She lived on the streets and would go to General and be given meds and put back out in the cold.. If I get sick I call my doctor, get an appointment immediately; if I have dental trouble 24/7 I call my dentist and get my needs met–I have health insurance, I am privileged. We need universal health care, we need to restructure our economy away from the military, and the needs of the wealth, to the needs of all. When you witness pain day in and day out your sense of compassion kicks in, and you see the need.  People are suffering, and suffering terribly in this country for no need whatso ever. Jesus healed who ever came to him–and so should we be his hands and do the same. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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