“Standing A part”

I Maccabbes 2:15-29  “Mattathaias and his sons gathered in a group a part.”  In 168 bc  Seleucid king of Antiochu forbade the practice of the Jewish religion and Matthias and his sons “stood apart”, which began a rebellion that led to the restoration of the Jewish faith.  It is important for us to stand a part–to protest the 1 per cent who control the wealth, politicians who are simply oblvious to the needs of the people they serve, to a culture that is so money hungry it suffocates anyone or anything which gets in its way. People asked why I live simply,take no money from large corporations or large donors–and the answer is I stand a part in protest of the harm corporate entitites have done to our culture.  Dorothy called the system “:dirty and rotten”, and it is.

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