Matt. 22:34-40 In our Scripture for today Jesus tells us that the greatest commandments are to love God and our neighbor—he brought this love a step forward–love to death. The life and death of Jesus is a self sacrificing love.–Today I learned of Fr. Richard Purcell’s death–he loved people with AIDS to death–he took care of them until they died, and he suffered a deabilitiating illness through which he bore witnessed until death-his was a reflection of Christ’s love. Today I helped get food for kids in the Philipeans, and a young man get food for college, tonight I am doing outreach. I talked to two earlier, one is thirty, but looks forty. I remember Steve when he was a cute kid of 17, and another is trying to get a date at 25 to pay rent. For me loving them means being present, and walking with them, that is what I do.  I why I do this ministry, and I said I felt a call–like always this person wanted an explanation of how I knew. And like always said I simply came to this call through the highways and byways of my life. Jesus called me to ministry when i was 12, I remember that night as if it was yesterday, my heart was strangely warmed, and that call lead me to ordination, to the parish, and then I was out of ministry for two years, and God continued to call me, my heart was lead to work with these guys, through my own experience as a sex worker, my own sense of homelessness, and being alone. I thought tonight how close I came to be one of those guys, looking for the next date, and yet I am here working with them and loving them. The call to this work came slowly, through my own experince. It is a very painful call at times, a very lonely call. I can identify with these guys in that I often feel alone, most of my colleagues here in the City have no idea of what I do–most can’t understand why I work so late-after all don’;t “most people go to bed”. But it is a call that gives me so much joy, so much satisfaction–it is the pearl of great price. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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