“Swimming Yoked With Jesus”

Matt. 11:28-30 Jesus said:” Come to me all;you who are weary and heavy laden. .and I will give ;you rest. . .


The promise of Jesus is to walk with us, to be yoked to us, to bring us rest in our times of sorrow, and to promise that we are never alone, but the otherside of the promise is that we are called to be Jesus to others, to be yoked to them, to bring comfort to them as they walk the path of life.  This is not simply a promise for individuals–but a promise of community–we have to share the burdens of others and Jesus is made manifest.  I found that last night as I talked to a young lady and she shared her fears of her friend’s safety and of her fear of drug abuse and her constant struggle—in those moments I brought her some rest–so Jesus walks with us, as we let Jesus walk with others through us. We swim yoked with Jesus.

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