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“Following Jesus”

June 30, 2011

Matt. 9:1-8 “Take heart. .stand up. .go home.”  Home for me is Jesus, and he lives within me. I have thought about my singlemindedness, my choice in no partner to follow Jesus and for me I am at home and I needs no other. I have no regrets

“Take Each Person Where They Are”

June 24, 2011

Lk. 1:57-66 Birth of John the Baptist Served meal last night, getting ready for Pride,  and the birth of John reminds me that we never know what people will become–especially those who are broken, poor, homeless–therefore we treat them as Christ.


June 21, 2011

Mark 10:23-27 St. Aloysius Gonzaga Born into a family of wealth and power he left all of that to follow Jesus–even to death. It set him free  People criticize me for living my life without external security–but I am free, secure in Jesus.


June 21, 2011

Tonight 20 year old” Indigo” overdosed and died. No one knows his real name, or where he came from, just “Indigo”. Tomorrow I will have a memorial service for him with his friends in the Haight.  I look at the cross tonight and I hear the words of Jesus: “I am the resurrection and the Life. . .That is the only hope we have, and for now that is enough


June 16, 2011

Matt. 6:7-15 A gentleman had his hours cut, and was talking about leaving the church because failed to anwser his prayers; and tonight I am having a memorial service for 20 year old Tanner who just died of HIV infection and I now sit silent before God with each breath grateful for receiving life and love, and say some of the words of our “Our Father”, the prayer he uses to put words on our desire to pray. God is not a Santa Claus, but he does provide for our basic needs


June 14, 2011

Matthew 5:43-48  The act of forgiveness is hard. Last night a nineteen year old stabbed another kid because he had taken his bed roll.  The news is full of non-forgiveness–look at all the fighting among Muslims, Christians, and so on. I have learned to be free you have to forgive, that is true freedom, forgive, move on.

“Waiting Tables”

June 13, 2011

Isa. 61:1-3 St. Anthnoy of Padua Anthony of Padua’s work included humble kitchen tasks as well as preaching and scholarhsip.  When I was ordained I was told that I was to “wait tables”.  And I do wait tables–I prepare meals, serve them, and wash the dishes–and I celebrate the Eucharist–to me that is the perfect combination. Went to Peter’sgraduation yesterday from college, my young high school freshmen friend is now a college graduate–how old I am getting.

“Feed My Sheep”

June 11, 2011

Jn. 21:20-25  A friend said she did not see as many homeless–her rationale for hiding her head in a hole.  We hide in our suburbs, turning our heads, our nice apartments, but there is much pain on the street.  And so I will continue to “feed the sheep” of Jesus until the day I die in season and out of season.

Placing Our Trust

June 8, 2011

Jn. 17:11-19 Last night I served a meal to people who are broken, beaten down by life-=many consumed by drugs-and this prayer of Jesus came to mind–to protect them from harm, caused by themselves and by others, and to give them hope in the resurrection


June 7, 2011

Jn. 17:1-3 Ultimately, in the end, all we have to trust in is God.  I gave out 150 pairs of socks last night, oranges, blankets, and heard one story after another of that trust in one form or another.  Only when we center in God can we live our lives without fear, live them with courage, with hope, and with joy.