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“In A Word–The Word of God”

March 6, 2011 In a Word–reading scriptures is a key to my life–looking beyond the human falliblities of the writers God breaks through with her life giving word of hope and life, even as he does today in in the midst of our humanity.

“In A Word–Live in the Moment”

March 5, 2011 “In A Word” Ecclesiasticus 51:12-13 Boethius defined the wise person as the one who savors everything as it really is. I have learned and am learning to accept life in all of its aspects, to savor it, to enjoy it, to rejoice in it–to live in the moment.

“In A Word”–Forgiveness

March 4, 2011

Mark 11:22-26=”In A Word” the major key to relationships is forgiveness. Each day I see violence over little things, one young man beat another last night because he grabbed his sandwich–this is a microcosm of the world at large. Forgiveness begins with us.

“In A Word”

March 3, 2011

Mark 10:46-52 “In a word” what would I have Jesus heal me of–simply my own fears, and to give me trust in God no matter what. Last night I gave out blankets, and fed kids, and they seemed content in the moment. They live in the moment, and that is my prayer to trust God in the moment, to do the work, and not worry.

“In A Word”

March 2, 2011

Ecclesiasticus 36:1, 15-17 “In a word” life for me is about service, giving of myself away to others. It is about taking Rob, out for his birfthday, it is about giving out food, blankets, harm reduction, and my time. It about buying a meal for Russ. “In aword” that is what my life is about for in so doing I see the face of Jesus

“In A Word”

March 1, 2011

Mk. 10:28-30 In the society of Jesus, wealth was considered a sign of God’s favor, and it is the same in ours. People have criticized me for not seeking out big money, a large space–but to me it is not the size that counts–but the quality of relationship, the lives touched. In a Word–Jesus lives in us one by one.