Luke 2:1-14 Jesus was born of transient, homeless parents, he was born as an outsider, and the sheperds were considered unclean.  Much in the same way as the homeless on the streets are considered today. Last night as we gave out gifts I thought of how they are simply people, and lovable.  One young guy called crying because he had relapsed, and I listened.  Simply human beings on the journey.

I am tired, and I am bitchy. I am fixing luinch for a friend and he invited two other people at the last minute who wanted to change the menu, and I got irritated. But in thinking about it I eat what is put before me. I can not eat meat, but otherwise no matter what I eat it.  And it was at the last minute.  I spent time with a friend from out of town yesterday and she was telling  me how the person who introduced us told her how “strange”and “outthere” I am.  I am told I am “different”. In other words I live my life outside the norm. I have nevered considered other people “different”, other catholic workers, people on the street. It bothered me,but then it hit me that this is other people projecting their own insecurities and fears on me.   That is what we do is project how on insecurities and fears on people. That is what I did yesterday when I got irritated about the meal–my own insecurity and fear about not being a good enough cook or rejected for what I fix.We need to look at what we do and how we react. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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