“The Magnificat”

Luke 1:46-56  Mary translates the good news of the birth of Jesus into good news for the lowly and hungry people fo the world and a warning for the rich and powerful.  The reality is that the rich and powerful will be come the lowly and lonely one day because their money and power can not keep them from illness and death. The call of Jesus is for us to be his incarnated presence.

I talked to two young guys last night, one crying out of his loneliness, the other no where to go, no one to be with. This morning I spent time with a young guy trying to get his GA and kicked out of where he was staying because the guy he was staying with took off on a trip.  All three were desperately lonely. Jesus brings the good news of his caring,  I talked this morning with a fellow catholic worker whose former young volunteer has cancer, is an alcoholic. She is so alone, isolated by her addiction and disease. She makes fun of religion, and Jesus is with her, and we are called to be that presence with her.  That is the call of Jesus at presence to be his incarnated presence.

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