“Facing Ourselves”

Lk. 189-14  “Those who make themselves great will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be great.”  I have found that greatness does not lie in amassing money, prestige, but greatness lies in facing ourselves and admitting to ourselves who we really are so that we can become the kind of person we are meant to be. Jesus tells us that “the reign of God is within you.”  I heard four focal points are helpful at mass this morning to do just that–to look within:


From Sermon by Rev. Dana Corsell 

  1.  Show Up: Be present with others and to the Spirit of God.
  2.   Pay Attention: The Way of the Healer. Be attentive and open to others. Will open us  to God’s resources of love and what is real.
  3.   Be truthful:  Speak the truth in love.
  4.   Do not be attached to results. Do not be attached to results, be open to the outcomes. Give it to God, be dependent on God’s will.

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