Luke 10:1-9

Today’s Gospel is about trust. Jesus sends his disciples out without anything–they carried no shoes, no luggage, no money–they were told to trust for God to provide as they proclaimed the reign of God.

Trust is something that we really know very little about.  Each day as I watch TV I see advertisements for loans, for reverse mortgages all providing security.  The stories we read and hear about with the government are all about the same thing–trust, for our economic security.

St. Francis believed and lived out a life of trust in God. He believed that poverty was a sin, and that the answer to poverty was to share equally with every one, for us to keep our basic needs–shelter, food, clothing and health care. That is what voluntary poverty is about.

My own journey has been one of learning to trust.  I have four degrees–all to give me economic security, I served for sixteen years in a denomination that gave me economic security.  Through coming out, and living on the margins, I came to see that is where my life and ministry is to be–living on the margins and trusting in God. I live simply, providing for my basic needs and share the rest.  The people I work with you probably never really see. They are drug users, sex workers, homeless people, and most are out after dark. They are the one’s the system has failed.  People often asked me about “success stories”, and I tend to get up tight because success the way they look at success–being housed, a job, a family, are not even within their grasped. Success for me is being present with people in the moment, providing them with their basic needs of food, pastoral care, blankets, socks, and harm reduction supplies. It is walking with them in the moment.  One example is a 21 year old who lives with his mother a drug abuser in a local hotel. He gets by daily, no ambition, no understanding of what it means to look prepare for the future. I simply work with him in them moment, one minute at a time.

For me that is what trust is about–trusting that God will provide in that I give as he gives to me.  Real security comes from trust in God, it comes from looking to God to provide our basic needs, trusting God is with us in the moment.

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