“Condemning Others–Means Condemning Ourselves”

Mt. 23:13-22-When in the name of religion we condemn other people for their sins or for their religion we put ourselves in the place of God.  Most of all we are condemning ourselves by our own standards–what mercy do we asked for then?  I find myself judging others and I hate myself for it, we are all simply human beings with our frailties, weaknesses, and we need to offer each other as much love and support on this journey as we can.  We judge others I believe because we are trying to make ourselves better, trying to improve our own concept of ourselves, trying to deal with our own low self esteem. I was off yesterday. I took James to get his id card today. I am cooking a meal for the Haight tonight and will serve it.  Typical day. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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