“The Vagaries of Life”

Jer. 1:, 4-10, Mt. 13:1-9

We read of Jeremiah’s call, and I think of my call.  Like him it is not something that I could turn away from.  I was called to ministry and through the years my ministry  has taken many turns–but always I have been lead to do ministry. What I have learned is that the circumstances  of life are that and that only:  Circumstances are not signs of the punishment of God.  We are meant to live live with trust and faith knowing that God does not make life miserable.  On the contrary is is God who carries us through it. Our choices often make us miserable, but God is always there.  I have spent the day working on a letter to ministers in Vallejo, I spent time with “Willie’ a 19 year old who is barely making it, with Jay, and doing outreach to fifty more.  I am getting the meal ready for tomorrow.  Again as I look at life–circumstance are a part of life. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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