“Being the Outsider”

Mt. 8:1-4; Mt. 8:5-17

In both Scriptures Jesus deals with the “outsiders”. In the first he is casting out a demon and the second a
Roman soldier requested the healing of his daughter. Yesterday i held a service for a woman in her home “casting out a demon”. For this woman there was a “demon” in her house, and for the man in Scripture the demon was “leprosy.”  Before we can be cured we must asked “what is our demons.” For me my “demon” has always been the need for acceptance, approval–and the reality is I am an “outsider”. And it is with “outsiders” that I provide healing and find healing.  For in being an outsider I find like in our second scripture that compassion is what makes a divided world humane.Last night I spent several hours on the Haight with outsiders, I spent the afternoon with the “insiders” of our society–but the reality there is no difference–we are all in need of God’s healing. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!”

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