“Judge As You Wish To Be Judged”

“God will judge you in the same way you judge others.”  Mt. 7:1-5

When I wonder how God will deal with me in judgment, all I need to do is to consider how I deal with others, this scripture says.  I broke down this morning and cried. I feel exhausted, and in some ways bruised by my week in this non-denominational church last week.  People tried to be so “nice”, but yet I was constantly on guard–because I am gay.  I have heard the word “gay” more in the last week then I have heard in a year, people trying to be so “pc”, yet their innate homophobia is present. They are working at it, and I can tell it is hard. One young boy talked to me about his struggle, and how he even though his leaders said it was “ok” to be gay, he felt the opposite. I tried to bring it up, but people simply became defensive–after all they are not homophobic, but homophobia was everywhere–you would never two people of the same sex holding hands in church, constant emphasis on the “family”–i e straight family.  For some reason I am in grief and feel a lot of pain over the week. They tried, really tried and are trying to see–but it was still hard for the “gay” man here. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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