“Go Your Way, Your Faith has Made You Well”

Mk. 10:46-52  “Go your way, your  faith has made you well.”  and immediately he could see, and he followed Jesus along the road.”

Bartimaeus’ cloak was his uniform by day and his blanket by night–leaving it behind was to throw off his security. People criticize me because I live my life in not having the securities that an educated guy would have. I move and I live in the moment without much security.  When I start worrying about that security, I look around and the people I serve have no security. In fact the majority of the world does not have that security. Security is a manifestation of the middle class of the United States, and only in recent years has so many people had that security.  In striving for security we leave so many behind, we tend to concentrate on ourselves and our families.  For me true happiness, true satisfaction is in casting off my cloak and following Jesus. I spent yesterday with Dustin, then with Mike, and then with Andrew. Dustin struggles with living on social security, and I am his payee, the other two do speed, and their lives are consumed by it. I let them hang out, draw and talk to me for hours, the only space they had had for days.  To day I am cooking the meal and will serve it. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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