“Follow Me”

Mark 10:28-30:  Peter over hears the conversation between Jesus and the rich young ruler, and sees the rich young ruler walk away, and with his big mouth he asks Jesus what does it mean for those who have left everything to follow Jesus.    The former conversation brings to mind the extraordinary leap of faith he and the other disciples have made in following Jesus.  The question I believe this offers everyone is who am I following now? And who am I following that Jesus would not?  These are the questions I asked myself all the time. I live a life of seeking to follow Jesus in total service, and I find myself having to reexamine myself all the time. As long as I remain totally focused on Jesus–I am calm, and have faith, it is when I turn to other thoughts that my fears come alive–Jesus call us to totally follow him, and not worry about anything else. Last night my heart was touched by the kids in the Haight.  They do the best they can, and yet we have a city government that seems to want to put more pressure on them–I see few ruffians out there at all, but the neighbors that is all they see, I would suggest they look with their hearts rather then their fears. “John”, forty something, homeless guy on Polk just learned of his mom’s death, he is suffering deeply, and I am simply trying to be present to him. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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