John 16:29-33: “I will be left alone. But I am not really alone because the Father is with me. .”You will have trouble in the world; but courage, I have overcome the world.”

Pope Benedict XVI has written:  “A first essential setting for learning hope is prayer.  When no none listens to me any more, God listens to me.”  In other words Jesus gives us the great lesson of life that God is with us through everything–and at all times.  to know God is to never be alone however lonely life seems on the surface. There are times I walk the streets, like last night on Polk, and I see “Cate”,  with her walker, dirty, scared, and lonely, “John”, sixitish, a long time drug user, sitting on the street in his spittal and I sense their sense of being alone–alone with hundreds of people walking around them, having fun, talking to each other. Then I reach out with some food, some socks, some clean needles, and they smile, and I feel God’s presence, and I know that they are not alone, and neither am I—for God is always present. The same when I spend hours listening to people, and I go home alone, and all of my friends are simply too “busy” to talk, and I feel alone–I know I am never alone–God is there. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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