“Judges of the Moral Norm”

Jn. 13:16-20. St. Catherine of Siena

I was criticized yesterday by someone because of my lack of judgment of the “sins” of those I serve.  I found it humorous, because this righteous person would have a lot of fun with me for you see when we make ourselves the moral norm, the pious standard of the Christian life, when we make ourselves judges of the universe, rather then the messengers of the Gospel, we put ourselves in the place of God. Personally I do not believe that God judges us, but that we judge ourselves, our choices send us away from God.  I spent yesterday going to the food bank, visiting a priest, getting blankets, and getting the bulletin together for the May 9 event. Took a nap and went out and did outreach for a couple of hours. It is always amazing to me how the people I reach out to are simply ignored, not even seen by the people out there partying. They are simply out of site, out of mind, as it is in our government these days, and by our media, I see little about homelessness in the papers. I am cooking a meal now for tonight and will serve it tonight. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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