“The Words of Eternal Life”

Jn. 6:60-69  “Jesus knew that they were grumbling about his teaching, so he said to them, ‘Does this make you want to give up?”

Faith is the foundation of the spiritual life.  It gives us both hope and direction.  But faith must not be confused with certainty.  When life is confusing, certainty fails us.  Only faith gives us reason to go on.  We live in a time when we think we can fix everything. There are ads on T.V. of planning for retirement–to be sure you have enough money–but all of that will fail. I think of the young newspaper reporter who died at 28 yesterday, she got out of school five years ago with the certainty of a job and future only to have terminal cancer; I think of the two young guys on Haight yesterday who are “traveling”, no money, no health insurance–simple trust in life, and I think of myself–no guarantees of money, or security–yet it is my faith that keeps me going. There are no certainties in life, to believe that is to set oneself up for failure, and confusion.  For me Jesus has the “words of eternal life,” and that is what keeps me going, what gives me strength, what gives me hope.  We live in the eternal moment. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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