“Love Without Limits”

Jn. 6:35-40 “I will never turn anyone who comes to me. .” The difference between God and us is that we put limits on our love, we love some but not all, we love on condition. But God loves us, loves us all, loves always, loves without limits. We all have our limits, but I believe the limits that get us in trouble are we love because of what people do for us or how they respond to us.  I often get little appreciation for the things I do for people, but I do them because God has loved me, and I am not exactly the most lovable person in the world.  We are called to love.  Last night I served the meal, and the appreciation I got was knowing that there were people who had food, that had had very little food during the day,  and the time I spent with each one was very precious.  Our services–both church and government are so often filled with limits–that we fail to see the person.  And it is the same with our time.  People find me accessible,  because I have time or I find time to spend with people. I find it interesting my pastor friends never have time just to sit down for a cup of coffee, and complain about not having enough time, but the reality is we find the time we need,  and that is what love is about–giving people our time as well, ourselves. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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