“Life Is Not Always Where We Think It Is”

“He said to them, “Haven’t you caught anything?  Not a thing.” They answered. He said to them, “Throw your net out on the right side of the boat. So they threw the net out and could not pull it back because they had caught so many fish.” John 21: 16ff

Life is not always where we think it is. When changes disturb us we need to remember that Jesus may well be showing where we are really meant to be, where success really is.  When I entered the United Methodist ministry–my plans were laid out–a parish pastor, a large parish, and even a bishop, but the events through the years has brought me to San Francisco, working on the streets with kids and sex workers.  For a position of security to insecurity–and on yea an independent catholic bishop–so much for my early plans.  Jesus shows us where he wants us to be, and it is not always where we want to be, but it is where we are meant to be.  I was doing outreach to individuals tonight, homeless guys, and women, sex workers, one of them  called me “Father”, and I thought how many priests do they see out hear taking care of them–so I have found Life, but not where I would have ever thought on my five and ten year plans. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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