“Sowing the Seed”

Mk. 4:26-34: “The sower sleeps at night, is up and about during the day, and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing.” Life is a parternership with God. First we must do our part; Then God does God’s part. There is othing we can do, therefore, tht does not affect the future–whyether we see it in our life time or not.

I had a volunteer from a fundamentalist background last night, trying to find her way. She wore me out wanting to “save” everyone, bring them to the “middle class”. She has no idea about life in general.  I simply sow the seeds, and and God will take care of the rest.

I am severely depressed over my uncles’ death. I have responsibilities in Vallejo and here where I can not go to the funeral and I am sad, but it is going to take time to grieve. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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