“Working Alone”

Mk. 3:  20-21 “Such a large crowd gathered that Jesus and his disciples had no time to eat.”

To minister to those who need us, it is necessary to do it on their time, and where they are, not on our own.  A life of ministry is a life lived for others.

I work alone most of the time. i just completed packaging fifty bowls of chili and will take and serve alone in the Haight and do outreach. I am asked “How can you do this alone?”  For one thing I have found few people who really want to take the time to do the work of cooking, packaging and serving food. They see it as “work” rather than as “ministry”.  For me work is ministry and it is in the serving, that I make contacts and touch lives. As St. Frances says: “preach the Gospel–but say as few words as possible.” It is in the moment that ministry takes place, it is in the person. It is in the relationship.  For me doing the work, getting my hands dirty, serving the food, is the greatest ministry of all–for I am with the people, one of them.  I went to a meeting today of clergy and came home and went to bed, I have a cold. sick. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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