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“Not Listening”

January 31, 2010

Luke 4:21-30:  My constant prayer is “forgive Jesus, for the times I have not listened to people with unwelcome messages and instead have judged them by association by their families or hometown or trade or whatever.” This is a prayer I am praying alot these days.  I Corintians 13 calls us to love without expecting anything in return, that is true love. I do that well with people ont he streets, but sometimes I fail so miserably with others. May God forgive me. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!”

“Peace Be Still”

January 31, 2010

Mark 4:35-41: “Peace Be Still”–I am in deep grief over my uncle–people never acknowledge it when I mention it and always turn to their own needs,  and I  have spent the day working–mass, outreach–and the only voice that makes any sense to me is “Peace be still!”  In the howling of the winds of my grief, and fear the disturbring noises that they bring–Jesus says “Peace be still!”  That is all I hear. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“Sowing the Seed”

January 29, 2010

Mk. 4:26-34: “The sower sleeps at night, is up and about during the day, and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing.” Life is a parternership with God. First we must do our part; Then God does God’s part. There is othing we can do, therefore, tht does not affect the future–whyether we see it in our life time or not.

I had a volunteer from a fundamentalist background last night, trying to find her way. She wore me out wanting to “save” everyone, bring them to the “middle class”. She has no idea about life in general.  I simply sow the seeds, and and God will take care of the rest.

I am severely depressed over my uncles’ death. I have responsibilities in Vallejo and here where I can not go to the funeral and I am sad, but it is going to take time to grieve. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“No Status or Family But Jesus’

January 28, 2010

“St. Thomas Aquinas Matthew 23:8-12:  My uncle died tonight.  I am sad, but I am reminded that my status, my relationship  is with Jesus.  Ultimately that is to whom I belong.

During outreach in the Haight I encountered one young person after enough–fresh faces, rough on the edges.  Most seem content with traveling, and living day to day. I come down to Polk and see the one’s who were those fresh faces nearly sixteen years ago–worn, tired, angry.  Deeth, at 33, who has been on the street the whole time I have been here has changed little, always in my face, always needy. I listened to her tonight as she cried over a boy friend who is dying of AIDS.  I met Carlos, 23, who has been on the street since he was 13, talking of getting beaten up in New York and living under the bridges here.  My life is full, it is fulfilling, and I have no regrets. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“Hearing the Word of God”

January 28, 2010

Mk. 4:1-20–It is not enough to hear the Word of God–but we need to tend it, and nurture it within us so that it will eventually ripen within us, whatever the pressures of life. My journey is continually tending that Word and removing the thorns so that I live it out each moment of the day.  Going to the Haight, and then work on Polk Street. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“No Biological Ties”

January 26, 2010

Mark 3:31-35:  This is an awkward moment, but Jesus is firm:  the word of God is deeper than any biological tie he has.  Our deepest belonging is to God;  all other belongings in life flow from that. We come from God and we go to God–Biological ties, race, gender-all separate us from one another.  We need to see ourselves as one family.  Cooking. will serve meal. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“Go Out to the World”

January 26, 2010

Mk. 16:15-18 Feast of St. Paul.  Paul is an example of our calling as Christians: to teach others about Jesus and how he taught us to live our lives in service, in love, and the leave the world a better place than it was when we came.

Last night and today:

I have been sick all day, staying in out of the rain. I had dinner with Stephen tonight and went to the store. Coming home I ran into several people on the street, several of the older ones, who begged, pleaded, I got one some ravoli, the other I gave my change to. I often think how really lucky I have been through the years. I look back, and in my own craziness I have come close, and I still live on the edge, and it is scary. I wonder why some people can make it and others can not. My young friend D is 19 uses speed, and want so badly to make it, but continually moves from one person to another, and continually uses speed.  He can not see that he simply needs to stay in one place and depend on himself. One after another I see, and I look at myself and think there but for the grace of God go I. I listen to what is going on in Haiti and wonder what happens if we have an earthquake, people seem to have little conscious of that possiblity–we all live on the edge and fail to realize it. And so I place my faith in God and will work tomorrow, and just keep on going.

I went to foodbank and get blankets, had lunch with vicki, came home, feeling really lousy, not sure if i am going out. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“It is A Matter of Believing”

January 24, 2010

Luke 1:1-4,, 414-21:  We spend so much time explaining why we cannot do what we feel called by God to do in our lives, but the reality is that it is God’s will for us to the end.  It is a matter of believing that God will enable it in us that makes us living witnesses to the Word of God.  If I wait till I have enough money, enough supplies, I would do nothing-it is a matter of believing and so I act on faith daily. Sometimes it is the most difficult thing I do–to simply walk in faith, but it is the most rewarding life one can have. Sick all night, resting. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

“Working Alone”

January 24, 2010

Mk. 3:  20-21 “Such a large crowd gathered that Jesus and his disciples had no time to eat.”

To minister to those who need us, it is necessary to do it on their time, and where they are, not on our own.  A life of ministry is a life lived for others.

I work alone most of the time. i just completed packaging fifty bowls of chili and will take and serve alone in the Haight and do outreach. I am asked “How can you do this alone?”  For one thing I have found few people who really want to take the time to do the work of cooking, packaging and serving food. They see it as “work” rather than as “ministry”.  For me work is ministry and it is in the serving, that I make contacts and touch lives. As St. Frances says: “preach the Gospel–but say as few words as possible.” It is in the moment that ministry takes place, it is in the person. It is in the relationship.  For me doing the work, getting my hands dirty, serving the food, is the greatest ministry of all–for I am with the people, one of them.  I went to a meeting today of clergy and came home and went to bed, I have a cold. sick. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!


January 22, 2010

Mk. 3:13-19:  “Then Jesus went up a high mountain and called to himself those he wanted.” Like the Apostles we are called into relationship with Jesus–the challenge lies in being willling to give up the trivia around us in order to concentrate on being one with him–in living it out.

Served meal in the rain last night. Did not have enough food, people were grateful for the blankets, for the warmth. I came home and went to bed, simply exhausted. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!