“The Greatest of these Is Love”

I John 2:3-11; Luke 2:22-35

All over the news last night was the arrest of the young terroist who tried to blow up a plane in the “name of Allah”. I have a young friend who is an activist who says: “do not forgive anyone.”  The Bible is clear:  God is a God of love. Through the years that is the God who has won out over the the “gods” in the Old Testament.   Simeon welcomed Jesus as a light to the gentlies, and it is that Light that Jesus brings–of love, of peace, of care.  The way of violence, of war–even of “just war” does not work, it never has, but the way of love has always worked.  Teresa of Avila says: “To have courage for whatever comes in life–everything lies in that.” For me to face each day witnessing to the God of peace is to have courage, to witness for Jesus in the midst of a society that sees him in so many differernt facets rather than the One of Love, and Peace. As we enter the New Year may we do so in peace and love.  I went to the food bank, to get blankets, and stayed in last night. Deo Gratis! Thanks beo to God!”

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