“God In the Rags”

Christmas, 2009. It has been a great, an awesome Christmas.   I cooked the meal, and then went to the Haight to serve with Amith and his family. Amith’s mother commented that people seemed happy, and I believe that they are happy, they live their lives one day at a time, with little money, little support. Oppie was hurting from an abscess. I gave him money to get his medication and his Christmas present.  We gave out over three hundred gifts and fed eighty people.  Today Christ is born, and Christ we saw in rags, but he was content. I have been asked several times when I am going to see my family, and again, I have spent the holidays with my family.  For family are those who want me, who care about me.  My biological family seems to care very little. Unless I call them I never hear from them, and so through the years my family has evolved into my friends and those I serve day in and day out.

Feast of St. Stephen Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59

Today we celebrate the martyrdom of the Stephen. He died for preaching the Gospel, but the Gospel of love. In looking at the story one sees that those who killed him were afraid to look at worshipping God in any different form.  He was not saying they were wrong–just they might be open to more loving way. Today across the world people are killing each other in the name in religion. In our own country people condemn and hate each other over religion and the right way to worship. Our fight over health care is being torn a part over religious values. Rather then showing others  respect in their various beliefs–and being open to different ways–people destroy each other, and they are destroying the world in the same manner. The child born whose birth we celebrated yesterday respects life, respects what others believe and offers a a way of love not judgment.  This is the Jesus of the Gospels.  Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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