“Jesus Is Born”

Luke 2:1-14-Christmas Day

Christ Is Born!  Yesterday I cooked a meal, and served 55 people, and did outreach with gifts to forty others and celebrated the Eucharist. It has been an awesome day.  I was thinking about family today. People often asked me if I am going to spend time with my family. Well–I do.  For the guys on the street are my family.  They are the one’s I give my time, and my life to.  I am with family during the holidays, I am surrounded by family.  In reading the Christmas story I was struck by how poor the family of Jesus was.  We fail to see the poverty, and see how Jesus was always poor.  In the poverty was his strength. I think of agencies that spend thousands of dollars on their programs, and we spend less then 60,000 a year. I live on personally around 20-25,000.  It is what you do with your life that matters–not how much you have.  And so the night ends for me, and I will begin a new day in a few hours, preparing a meal and serving it on the Haight, giving out gifts–what joy that is! Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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