“Blessed Are You Among Women”

Lk. 1:39-45

Elisabeth calls Mary blessed.  It appears that Mary is bathed in glory, but I wonder if in the back ground Mary has suffered must gossip and  verbal abuse for being pregnant out of wedlock.  I have had girls on the street tell me they were pregnant by the Holy Spirit–did I believe them? No.  So what would Mary go through at that time, in that era?  Mary was a woman of faith, and it is her faith that carried her through the birth and the crucifixion–she had complete trust in God.

I went out and picked out site for blankets, a lot of money, but needed.  Money is hellar low, but as always I trust that it will come. During outreach on Polk socks, and food, some grateful, some wanted more and demanded more.  I am glad I give out of the goodness of my heart not expecting anything in return because I do not often get much back. It is about giving, giving without expecting anything. I am far happier now then when I received a salary from a church. One of the guys, 40 year old Terry was upset. I had told him where to go to begin the process of getting in treatment–it is going to take three months–again cheapen human life, and he is not getting what he needs, and will give up hope. His girlfriend was crying–upset with the rain, with life.  In the Haight I saw around sixty people, all appreicative of socks and food.  It has been an excellent day! Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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