“Get Away from the Nicey, Nice Christmas”

DECEMBER 20, 2009

Michah 5:2-12

Micah spoke passionately about the poor against the exploitation of the rich and corrupt.  Alone among the prophets he names Bethlehem the place the Messiah will be born.  He will come from among the poorest of the poorest.  He will represent their cause. He is one of them.  I think of the kids on the street at Christmas time, and of the middle age and older people on the street, and of the people who are so poor they have so little and how little they have. I look at our advertisements and they are pointed towards those with money. I think of friends who have a beautiful tree and all the gifts. I wonder where Christ is in all of this and I know he is on the street and with the poor. That is where his heart is, that is where he is welcome.   If we but would see the real message of Jesus, our society would change, and would be more equal.

Jim, 20, on speed, came by to use phone and get needles, he was simply out of it, seems he has a house he can buy for 10.00 in the city. “Rabbitt stopped by for needles, and some food, out trying to get a “date”–Jesus stopped by in their presence.  Stephen and I had dinner.  I watched TV and went to bed early. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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