“Angels Unaware”

John 1:47-51  Feast of St. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

These angels–Michael–protector of Christians and of soldiers,  Gabriel–who brought the message to Mary of Jesus, and is patron of telecommunications and radio, and Raphael–who guided Tobias on his journey, and is the patron of nurses, physicians, and the blind–remind us that God speaks in many ways, that God’s messenger are in many guises.  I think of the angels in my life, that have come to me through the years and still come. I think of Rose and Ken who have been faithful friends, and have taken care of me when I have been ill; Vicki and Kevin who have done the same.  I received an email from Andrew, needing my help, he is in college, and I think of him as an angel, who in high school nursed me in my illness, and has been faithful to me and my work since.  The list goes on and on. There are angels, for me they come in human form. They come in the donations I receive each month, in the words of support I receive by email, letter, or in person.  I see myself as an angel as I fix the food for tonight, package it, and serve it. I see myself as an angel as I am available on the streets. We are called to be God’s angels, if we but let ourselves. be.

I went to the food bank yesterday, and then out to Pacifica to stay the night. It was peaceful on the beach last night at midnight, no one around.  The streets here are so full of activity and anger.  I understand why people are angry in crowded conditions–they have no space to breathe, to think, to meditate. That is why I like living alone and why I love going away alone, it gives me time, time to simply be, and in that I can recharge. For those who live here on the streets, it is almost an impossibility, and I understand perfectly their anger, their resentments.  It all comes crashing in on them.  And so I am back at cooking, getting ready for tonight, celebrating the Eucharist. The Body and Blood strengthens me, sustains me, day in and day out. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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