“Who Do People Say That I am?”

Luke 9:18-22:  . . .What do people say about me?  And they answered: Some say you are John the Baptist. .Again Jesus asked, but who do u say that I am?”

One of the marks of spiritual maturity is the quiet confidence that
God is in control – without the need to understand why He does what
He does.
– Anonymous

We served around fifty or so people last night until we ran out of food, people were very friendly, very needly.  Deeth was upset  because Ian now has full blown AIDS. I remember when he found out he was positive, he was so pleased because of all the benefits he was going to get. It was so sad, to think if you got a disease you would get benefits, and he was deceived by all the ads of men on the bill boards looking healthy with all the treatments that he can not afford. It is sad, he is 30 years old, and his time is short, all because of the desire for money and the deceit that we put forth with our advertising.  I have been trying to talk to a woman about working on the marriage equality campaign. Again she has problems with me being a priest, and a man, and can not get beyond that. Until we move beyond our biases nothing will be accomplished.  The Scripture today is Jesus asking who we think he is.  I have been trying to answer that question all of my life.  I have been tearing up this morning over the brokenness I feel over people. Alice, the elderly lady, whom I tried to serve, turned on me, probably because I am not Roman, it hurts like hell, then the Sisters in Pacifica where Dustin live have such a hard time with me because I am not Roman and so different, and the various people who hurl insults at me on the street.  I can go down the list, I feel broken at times, and it is in Jesus that I find my hope and strength. For he to was broken by what people thought about him, none of them could ever see through him for the most part until it was too late.  Jesus knew how fickle humans are, and how painful they can be. But he persisted even to the cross. And so I continue the struggle and try to keep a quiet confidence that God is in control and that all things work for good towards those who love him. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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