“Time With God”

July 28

Ex. 33:7-11; 34:5B-9, 28

mT. 13:36-43

In today’s scripture from Exodus we find the proximity is very important if we are going to develop a deep relationship with God.  Moses erected a tent for the purpose of meeting with God and to develop deep intimacy with God, away from the people. It is no different from us: unless we are willing to spend quality time with God we will never really know God.  I have found that in spending time with God, that my understanding of God is far different then it was when I did not. The dos’ and don;ts of the Bible, the interpretations so often brought from the Bible, like in areas of homosexuality and morals cease to be.  For I have come to know God as the One who loves me, cares for me, walks with me, not as the judge.  I have come to know God in Jesus as the One who walks with people in their pain. He does not sit in judgment on someone addicted to drugs and tells them how bad they are, but understands that their lives are broken because of the various brokennes that has come to them, and that the drugs are simply one way of coping and walks with them into new life if they choose or walks with them where they are. God’s judgment is based on the way we treat other people, on whether we harm someone, whether we respect them, care for them.  That is where judgment comes–in the respecting and caring for others. Time with God is like any other relationship–you get to know the person, and you have a new understanding of where they come from–it is in spending time with God that I find my wholeness and my hope.

I spent the day cooking, served a meal to forty plus, came home, absolutely exhausted, went to bed. “Rabbit” came by, dope sick, scared, we talked. John came by, young queer guy who was kicked out by his lover, and then I simply went to bed.  Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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