Here I am at 3 in the morning sitting here rambling. I returned from the International Council of Community Churches Conference in St. Louis yesterday. I had mass this morning and then i came home and basically went to bed. I am really tired.  The conference was long. I gave a presentation on “Homosexuality and the Bible” and I discovered I have been in the San Francisco bubble a little too long. There is such fear and anger around homosexuality. Some of the same  comments used against homosexuality were used against the blacks in the early days and I am sure still are. I left there very tired and wondering if the Jesus I know, the one of love and non-judgment, is even relevant today.  But then I realized that he is as relevant today as yesterday.  I traveled south in Missouri to my old home some hundred miles south to visit two friends who are in their eighties, to see my parents grave, and to simply see where I grew up. It is no longer home. I have moved on, but it was sweetly sad to see where I was raised, and where I was shaped.  For good or bad that was my original home.  I had a long flight home, and had Mass this morning and then lunch with a guy who is going to help me on computer and then to bed.  I have come home with a renewed sense of commitment. I am going to enjoy cooking my meals more then ever, outreach, and all that I do more then ever. I am very aware that time is passing and that I probably do not have a lot left.  I am getting older, and the years pass by hellar fast. And so I am back. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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