July 19

Mk. 6:30-44

I am in St. Louis for the International  Council of Community Churches Conference. I am giving a presentation on “Homosexuality and the Bible” Wednesday, but I feel like I am “sexuality wars” again. It is very stressful listening to people condemn queers, stand on the side lines, or simply ignor the issue.  This organization started out with a clear mission of bringing blacks and whites together in the fifties, now they are simply existing, and dying. It is difficult for me to hear I am going to “hell”, or “ignor it”, and see queers here stay in the closet rather than exert their true selves.  The passage of Scripture today is about Jesus “having compassion”, and my heart is moved with compassion, compassion for those who are queer, and those who are so far in denial, and those who would come after me with a knife if they could get away with it. It is hard, but compassion drives me, compels me, and  guides me. It is strange to be home in St. Louis. I do not even know the City, and will see a couple of old friends and gladly come home to the Bay area on Friday. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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